RCHL Registration


Registrations for the 2021 Spring/Summer Season can also be made over the phone or at the office.

Click the links below for your division and to register online:

  • Player Registration

    Registration can be made in person or on the phone via the River Cree Sports office as well as team reps can access our on-line registration forms below. The RCHL accepts Visa and MasterCard, money orders, cash and certified checks.

    Player Registration Form
    Waiver Form


    All players that are looking for a team to play on part/full-time can complete the attached form and team reps will be sent your information

      Full TimePart Time

      Completed forms can be emailed to TRReception@rivercreecorp.com or brought to the rink prior to the first game.



      • League Fees – $7000.00 + GST

      • Team Deposit Required – $1000.00 @ Registration (Mandatory)

      • Incentives – Pay in Full by April 5, 2021 = $100.00 Pro Shop Voucher

      • Season Start – April 5, 2021

      • Season End – August 27, 2021

      • New: All Games Streamed Online (GAME-ON-STREAM)

      • All Games – Referees Wear Body-Cameras

      • New: Premium Schedule Program (No Late Games)

      • Games NOW Sunday – Thursday – NO FRIDAY & SATURDAY GAMES

      • 20 Regular Season Games + 2 Play Off Games Guaranteed

      • Divisions – All Skill Levels (A-E) & 16+ Years Old

      • Supplemental Insurance (Hockey Canada)

      • River Cree Casino & Amenities Accessible

      • On-Site – “RC Precision” Pro Shop

      • On-Site – “Little Twin Cree” Concession

      • On Site – First Aid

      • On-Site – RCHL League Office

      • Conveners (available every game to assist teams)

      • Team Prizes – Division Champions

      • Player of the Month Awards

      • League Awards – Top Scorer, Top Goalie & MVP

      • Monthly Prize Giveaways

      • Tap 25 Restaurant Vouchers – Every Game

      • Penalty Free Game – Tap 25 Restaurant Vouchers

      • PIM Cup Competition – Prize for Lowest PIM Teams

      • Game Format – 14 Minute Stop Time Periods

      • Overtime (Regular Season & Playoffs)

      • Warm-Up Music Provided

      • Warm-Up & Game Pucks Provided

      • Team Schedule Requests & Blackouts

      • Level 2 Officials (Minimum)

      • Real Time Stats (League Stat)

      • Sponsorship – St Albert Sports, Integral Physio, Mr. Lube, Jersey Lab, Molson/Coors

      • Social Media – Facebook, Twitter & Instagram

      • Bi-Weekly Newsletters & Updated Website

      • RCHL League Jerseys Available

      • Easy Access Just Off  Whitemud Drive & Henday Freeway




      The following rules have been amended/added as per the ASHL rule book:

      • Hockey jerseys must cover all protective equipment on both players and goaltenders at all times. 1st Offence= warning…2nd Offence= 2 minute minor for illegal equipment.

      • Anyone on the player’s bench must be registered (coaches included).

      • If you are suspended you CANNOT be on the player bench at any time.

      • Players not playing are still accountable when/if you are talking to ALL RCHL STAFF and discipline can still be handed out.

      • All players during timed penalties must use the ice-door when leaving the penalty box or a 2 minute timed penalty will be assessed for an illegal substitution. You can’t leave through the back of the penalty box and have a player jump on from the player’s bench.

      • If a goaltender shoots the puck over the glass without any deflection (not into the player bench) this is a 2 minute delay of game penalty.

      • When players are ejected from both teams, a player from one team may stay in the penalty box till the next whistle. (Referee’s discretion).

      • If you are on the far bench and are ejected from the game for whatever reason you must leave from the ice. DO NOT walk behind the opposing team’s bench when you are ejected from the game. If you want to or have to leave on your own accord that is ok just not when you’re ejected by the referee.

      • Visors must be securely fastened with the proper side clips or screwed on with two screws on each side of the helmet- visor can’t be flipped up. If this happens you will be asked to leave and go fix the issue and your whole team will get a warning. Any time after that your team will incur a 2- minute minor penalty for improper equipment.

      • 2.13 (C) SKILL LEVELS (PLAYERS)– Players with experience of “elite” levels of hockey (Jr A, Jr B, Major Jr, College, University, Senior, Professional) are not eligible to play in the “D2 or all of E” divisions. (Management can make exceptions pending circumstances).

      • 2.14- TIES IN STANDINGS– standings will be determined in the regular season via winning % within the current division games only.

      • 3.7 GOALTENDER EQUIPMENT– goalies must wear socks, sweat-pants or long underwear to cover their bare skin on the backs of their legs. 1st Offence= 2 Minute Minor + go change…2nd Offence= 2 Minute Minor + Ejection…3rd Offence= Banishment. While changing play will continue as per normal with your team short-handed while player serves goaltender’s penalty.

      • 4.4 GAME FORFEITS– see updated rule below.

      • Rule 4.8 (A) OVERTIME – REGULAR SEASON– The format for OT will be a “One Player Sudden Victory Shoot-out”. At the conclusion of regulation time, the goalies will stay in their nets and one player from each team will be ready and available to “shoot” for his team immediately. Players serving a MINOR PENALTY (from regulation) are eligible to shoot. Players cannot shoot again until all skaters on their team have gone through. Team with least number of “shooters” will dictate when both teams re-start their shooters if applicable. Change 4.8(C) sub para c) to: any player serving a minor penalty will be permitted to shoot.

      • 4.8 (B) OVERTIME – PLAYOFFS– The format for OT will be “3 on 3 Sudden Victory”, five (5) minute STOP TIME period. Player changes ARE permitted during play stoppages. Undecided games will continue with a “3 Player Sudden Victory Shootout” to determine a winner (refer- rule 4.8(C)). Change 4.8(C) sub para c) to: any player serving a minor penalty will be permitted to shoot.

      • Rule 4.9 RUN CLOCK– Should add that at any point in time if the officials cannot regain immediate control of game/players the clock shall continue to run until control has been regained (fight/altercation type of situation).

      • 5.13 & 5.2- SPEARING & BUTT ENDING– 4-minute penalties (only count as 1 penalty).

      • 5.16(B)- FIGHTING OFF-ICE PENALTIES– 1st Offence= Banishment from the RCHL (this includes anywhere in the River Cree Resort and Twin Rinks as well the parking lot).

      • 5.16(C)- FIGHTING (Non-Instigator)– 1st Offence= $100.00 Fine…2nd Offence= Banishment from RCHL (current game ejections and suspensions will continue)

      • 5.16(D)- FIGHTING BRAWL PENALTIES– 1st Offence= First team to leave the bench= $500.00 Fine…2nd Offence= Banishment from RCHL (current game ejections and suspensions will continue)

      • 5.16(E) – FIGHTING (One-player fight) – 1st Offence= $600.00 Fine…2nd Offence: Banishment from RCHL (current game ejections and suspensions will continue).

      • 5.19- GAME MISCONDUCT PENALTIES– 1st Offence= $25.00 Fine…2nd Offence= $50.00 Fine…3rd Offence= Banishment from the RCHL (current game ejections and suspensions will continue). Any player that verbally calls or accuses an official of “RACISM” will be assessed a Game Misconduct (5.19)- 1 game + $25.00 fine.

      • 5.20(A)- GROSS MISCONDUCT PENALTIES– 1st Offence= $75.00 Fine…2nd Offence= $150.00 Fine…3rd Offence= Banishment from the RCHL (current game ejections and suspensions will continue)

        THROWING/SPRAYING WATER BOTTLE– Throwing a water bottle or spraying any liquid at an opposing player whether it hits the opposing player is a Gross Misconduct Penalty 5.20(A). 1st Offence= $75.00 Fine…2nd Offence= $150.00 Fine…3rd Offence= Banishment from the RCHL (current game ejections and suspensions will continue)

      • 5.20(B)- RACISM/HOMO-PHOBIC/RETARD SLURS & SEXUAL HARRASSMENT- 1st Offence: Gross Misconduct= 2 games + $100.00 fine…2nd Offence= Banishment from RCHL

      • 5.21(A)- MATCH PENALTIES ON A PLAYER– 1st Offence= $100.00 Fine…2nd Offence= $200.00 Fine…3rd Offence= Banishment from the RCHL (current game ejections and suspensions will continue)

      • 5.21(B)- MATCH PENALTIES ON AN OFFICIAL– 1st Offence= $200.00 Fine…2nd Offence= Banishment from the RCHL (current game ejections and suspensions will continue)

      • 5.26- MAJOR PENALTIES– 1st Offence= $25.00 Fine…2nd Offence= $50.00 Fine…3rd Offence= Banishment from the RCHL (current game ejections and suspensions will continue)

      • 5.27- 10 MINUTE MISCONDUCT PENALTIES– will not count against team’s game total/accumulation but will continue to count against player’s and team’s season penalty total/accumulation.

      • 5.28 FINE PAYMENTS– All player fines must be paid in full before the next scheduled game of the team the player received the fine with or else the TEAM is suspended from league play until completed. Regardless if the player is part-time or no longer playing for the team after the infraction. This applies to team fines as well. **The RCHL will look at each situation individually and have the right to not suspend the team pending circumstances.

      • FOUR (4) MINUTE PENALTIES– No longer exist except for butt ending, spearing and (high sticking Hockey Canada rule see rule 8.3)

      • THREE (3) PENALTY RULE IN EFFECT. All timed penalties and coincidental penalties count towards the three (3) penalty rule. (Not 10 Minute Misconducts). Note: If a player is serving a penalty for throwing a puck on the ice that 1 specific penalty does not count towards the 3-penalty rule unless a referee can identify who threw the puck on the ice.

      • 5.26 HIGH-STICK GOALIE PROCEDURES– Not withstanding Rule 5.25, when a player contacts the puck above the height of the crossbar and the puck goes directly into the opposing team’s goal before an opposing player can gain possession and control of the puck, the goal shall not count. In this case, the game officials are to conduct the face-off at the nearest face off spot in the neutral-neutral zone.

        • Application – This rule was added to clarify the allowable stick height a player can contact a puck prior to a goal.
      • 7.0 GOAL LIMIT “E” DIVISIONS– players are limited to 3 goals per game. Anything after that (4th goal) is not counted and face off is in offender’s team’s defensive zone.

      • 7.1 GOAL LIMIT “E” DIVISION– If an “E” division player reaches the three (3) goal maximum within the game regulation they will not be eligible to participate in the over-time shoot-out.

      • 7.2 GOAL LIMIT “E” DIVISION– If an “E” division player reaches the three (3) goal maximum within the game regulation they will not be allowed to score a (4th goal) in the over-time period for playoffs.

      • 7.3 GOAL LIMIT “E” DIVISION– If an “E” division player reaches the three (3) goal maximum and is assessed a penalty shot- that player will not be eligible to take the penalty shot. The team awarded the penalty shot will be allowed to choose any player in the line up to take the penalty shot.

      • 8.0 “JERSEY CHANGE” DELAY OF GAME– the AWAY/VISITOR team will be assessed a minor penalty for delay of game if the game is not started on time due to them not wearing a team jersey compliant to the set protocol for game jerseys.

      • A 2- minute minor for “Delay of Game” will be assessed when teams step on the ice or places a puck on the ice prior to the “large Zamboni” door being closed completely.

      • GOAL DIFFERENTIAL RULE– change to five (5) goals (at third period of a game score that has a goal differential of 5 or more the score clock runs straight time).

      • GOAL DIFFERENTIAL “Last Five Minutes” RULE– in the last five minutes of a game when a goal differential is 3 or more then the score clock runs straight time.

      • MULTIPLE-TEAM PLAYERS– see updated rule below.

      • FACE-OFFS– Are as per hockey Canada rule 10.2 effective immediately.

      • ICING THE PUCK– Icing will be called as per hockey Canada- rule 10.5 (a)(b)(c)(d)(e)(f). (4.1 ASHN not used anymore.)

      • HIGH-STICKING– We are now using the high sticks rule from Hockey Canada. Rule 8.3 High Sticks (a) (b) (c) (d) sub paragraphs 1,2,3, (e)- Note to Rule 8.3 (d) sub para 3 – For this specific rule please refer to:

        ASHL Rule Book – RULE 5.25 FACE-OFF LOCATION – HIGH STICK which states. In the event that a player makes contact with the puck above the normal height of the shoulders, a player from the non-offending team must be the first to gain possession and control of the puck. In the event the puck is directed out of play or a player from the offending team is first to gain possession of the puck, the official shall signal the play dead and a face-off will be conducted at the nearest face-off dot in the offending team’s zone. In the event no player from the non-offending team makes an attempt to play a puck that has been “high sticked” the official shall signal the play dead. A face-off will be conducted at the nearest location from where the high stick contact was made with the puck. (Rule 5.7 in ASHN not used anymore.)

      • Team late for start of game– protocol and rule still apply and added is that team must use their 30 second timeout at 14:00 mark of the 1st period, thus they will not have one for the remainder of that game.

      • 5.15(A) Unsportsmanlike Conduct– Unnecessary Involvement (Amended)
        Change- reword rule to state that a game ejection will be issued instead of the current Game Misconduct.

      • Game forfeits during game– if both teams agree they can continue the game- refs and time-keeper must stay and run game as normal. The game goes down as a forfeit and the stats are only kept up until the game was forfeited. Negative play will still be assessed with suspensions and fines following.

      • Eligible Players for Playoffs– we will be adding stricter guidelines when teams add players for the playoffs that have less than the minimum 10 games played which the player(s) provides a medical or employer letter.

        • Letters must be in before playoff season begins (no exceptions after)
        • If a team adds 2 or more players, then they will move up one (1) division
        • Teams can not add more than three (3) players

      NEW AMENDED RULES- 2020-21

      • COVID Safety Measures- players that do not adhere to set safety measures including all protocols on and off the ice may be removed from the RCHL.
      • Completing Roster Form Screening- players are not eligible to play in a game if they do not complete the screening section on the roster form.

      • 5.21(C)- MATCH PENALTIES “Spitting/Coughing on opponent or officials”– 1st Offence= $100.00 fine and Banishment from the RCHL and property.

      • 5.20(C)- Gross Misconduct “Fake Spitting/Coughing on opponent or officials”– 1st Offence: Gross Misconduct= 2- games + $100.00 fine…2nd Offence= Banishment from RCHL.

      • 2.6 Goaltender Injury– team may continue game with extra player on the ice for remainder of the game. (6 skaters)

      • 2.7(A) Goaltender Ejection– team may continue game with extra player on the ice for remainder of the game. (6 skaters)

      • Goaltender Unavailable– team may start and continue game with extra player on the ice for the remainder of the game. (6 skaters)
      • Game Counts– to be eligible for the playoff’s players/skaters must have participated in 5 games and goalies 2 games.

      • Game Forfeits– regular Season= will result in forfeit team losing 1-0 and Playoffs= will result in forfeit team losing 5-0. There will be no punishment of any type for game forfeits, but if a team does not communicate to the management regarding their team unable to play then possible punishment will be assessed.

      • Roster Restrictions– the total number of players allowed on a team roster will be thirty (30) maximum. Team fees will still cover the first 21 players and any after that will cost a $30.00 fee except for players currently participating in the RCHL.

      • Glove Falls Off– player must immediately secure back on or get off the ice without being involved in the play/action- same as helmet rule.

      • Warm-Up Pucks– players must leave gloves on when picking up and placing in the puck bin.

      • Water Bottle Spitting & Rinsing Mouth Out– is not to be done, no punishment will be assessed but possible game ejection could occur if persists.

      • Handshake or Fist Bumps– this tradition will be paused at this time.

      ASHL/RCHL Rulebook
      Spring/Summer Amended Rules


      League Info

      The RCHL is the largest ASHN Affiliate League in the city of Edmonton. Played out of the state-of-the-art River Cree Twin Rinks, the RCHL provides players of all skill levels with an opportunity to experience the best that adult recreational hockey has to offer!

      The Adult Safe Hockey Network (ASHN) is a Canadian network of adult recreational hockey leagues and teams spanning from coast-to-coast. Established in 2007, the ASHN is the largest sanctioning body of adult rec hockey in the world with the ASHN encompassing:

      Adult Safe Hockey Leagues: (Over 60,000 Registered Players)
      ASHN Affiliate Leagues: (Located all across Canada)
      The River Cree Hockey League is one such league and is run out of the River Cree Twin Rinks facility.

      The RCHL began in 2005 and has grown and developed ever since. Our main goal is to provide a professional and positive environment enabling our players to experience an overall positive experience.

      The RCHL can offer an experience that no other adult recreational league can provide as our amenities are second to none and all in the same facility.

      • Consistent and trained officials (Level 2 min)

      • On-site office and customer service open 9:00am-11:00pm

      • On-site Pro Shop

      • On-site Concession

      • Resort – Hotel, Casino and 6 Restaurants

      • RCHL clients enjoy exclusive offers on ice sales, program instruction for all ages and other promotions within the facility and River Cree Sports

      • Three stop time periods

      • Game format: 14-14-14

      • 30 (Fall/Winter) or 20 (Spring/Summer-2021) league games + 2 guaranteed play-off games

      • RCHL player of the month prizes

      • Prizes for penalty free games

      • “PIM CUP” – teams with lowest penalty minutes

      • ASHL Regional & National Championships

      • All games streamed online (Game On Stream)

      • Referees wear body-cameras

      • Premium Schedule Program

      • All Skill levels (16+ years old)

      • Supplemental Insurance (Hockey Canada)

      • On-site first aid

      • On-site RCHL league officials

      • Real time stats (League Stat)

      • Team schedule requests and blackouts

      • Warm up pucks and music provided

      • League awards (top scorer, MVP & top goalie)

      • Monthly prizing giveaways (concert tickets, gift cards, etc)

      • Tap 25 Sports Bar Vouchers (every game)

      • Easy access – just off Whitemud Drive & Henday Freeway


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