River Cree Sports Updated Facility Rules

Sessions are for hockey/ringette development only

Option A – Max 10 participants on each half of the ice (no switching sides)

Option B – Max 10 participants on full ice

Option C – Participants can be any combination of players/instructors totaling 10 per half or full ice

Instructor/coach must be certified

Players must be 18 years old or younger

Physical distancing on the ice must be 9 feet (instructor can be inside this distance if demonstrating a technique)

Physical distancing off the ice must be 6 feet at all times

Players cannot inter-mingle with anyone else on the ice or in the facility

No congregating with other players/instructors at any time

Players can remove face mask just prior to going on the ice

Instructor/coach MUST always wear a face mask properly on the ice

No spectators are permitted in the facility

Players/instructors can enter the facility 15 minutes before session begins

Players/instructors must vacate the facility within 10 minutes of their session ending

Skates, helmets, and gloves are to be put on at designated chairs/areas

Users must supply their own pucks, pylons, etc. NO SHARING

No spitting or rinsing mouth out with water or sports drinks

Dressing rooms are available for use:

Max of 10 per room (must stay on physical distance markers)

Must wear face masks in the rooms

Showers are not to be accessed

Must be at least 6 feet physically distanced at all times

A parent/guardian can go in to help younger players tie skates
(must leave the building immediately once completed).

Dressing rooms available for emergencies and washrooms

Upon entry of our facility, EVERYONE MUST: 

Face mask must be worn properly

Players must arrive to the facility dressed in hockey gear

Instructors/coaches must arrive to the facility dressed in a tracksuit

Everyone must use the free hand sanitizer in lobby/entry way

Go directly and check-in to the office to be screened; booking name and phone number is recorded and kept for two weeks for contact tracing purposes

After Session – Only skates, helmets and gloves may be removed (all other gear must remain on)

Players and instructors must lace up in designated dressing rooms

All set guidelines must be adhered to by all patrons of the Twin Rinks while in the facility and on the property. Failure to do so will result in immediate removal and banishment from the property.